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The Bakery

The following are pictures and descriptions of the Oriental Market

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We are at a Chinese phone booth at the corner of King Street and Rupert Street. The Chinese phone booth has Chinese characters on it. There is a Chinese lamp behind us and if you look hard enough, you can see a Chinese bridge and Chinese building behind us, too.

Susan is wearing sunglasses. We are on our way to the bakery. Our group is with one of our teachers, Ms. Nishibata-Chan. The people in our group are Katharyn, Susan, Stef, Sandra. and Kelsey. The designs on the ground are neat.


Here is the Dynasty Building. Next to the Dynasty Building is the bakery. Susan is at the bakery door. We are looking at the Dynasty building. It has Chinese characters on the building. In the picture, there is Katharyn, Kelsey, Susan, Stef and you can see Sandra's head. Katharyn has the long braid, Stef has the brown hair that is short, Kelsey has the long hair, Susan is the one with the hair that is blond and short.


This is us in front of the bakery door. There is the symbol again!!! If you can see, there's also a symbol of the coffee and snack station. It's sort of neat to share a bakery with a coffee house. I wonder if it's busy in there sometimes? I bet so! Kelsey wonders if the Chinese writing on the sides say the name of the bakery or coffee house. On the inside of the door you can see an OPEN sign that says when it is open. Our group thought that the round doors looked funny. Before we went in we had to take a deep breath and try and describe what we smelled. Katharyn didn't like the smell, but when she got inside, she loved the bakery smells.


This is a picture of some buns in a baker's cupboard. Some of the buns are called creamy buns, milk balls, pineapple buns and a lot more, but the letters are faded on some, so I can't read the signs. We got the pineapple bun and the milk ball. They were yummy. The milk ball is new and the coconut bun is new, too. Where you would find it is where you go to pay at the bakery counter. Out of the milk ball, creamy bun and the pineapple bun, I liked the pineapple bun the best.


This is a picture of 14 different kinds of meat buns. We got the barbecue pork bun from there. We also got the weiner bun from there, too. Kelsey got a picture in front of this cooler. She used her own camera. Some people warm up their meat buns in the microwave, only if they're going to eat one or more. We wonder what the pineapple buns would taste like when they were warmed up? The picture of the cake is a symbol of the bakery. Here are some of the names of some of the buns: beef bun, weiner bun, bbq pork bun, creamy bun, egg and ham bun and custard bun. My favorite bun was the weiner bun. The bbq pork bun was okay, but it had onions, cold gravy and cold meat when we tasted it at school. We wonder if it would have tasted better warmed up.


This is a picture of some goodies in a glass case. The goodies are called coconut balls, coconut tarts, almond cookies and long donuts. They are all 85¢. I think Nicole is looking at the almond cookie. We bought the long donut and the almond cookie. The bakery has lots of Coca Cola stuff, like the clocks. The stuff underneath the coconut tarts and almond cookies are glass cups. Debby is getting us some pineapple buns.