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Logan Ave and King St.



We are looking at the corner of Princess St and Logan Ave. We see the burger factory. It smelis good . Mmmm. We are looking north . We are walking down Logan Ave . There is lots of traffic . We smell a bad smell. We don 't know where it's coming from. There was less taffic on Princess. On Logan Ave there is lots of dust . On the road there are a lot of pebbles. It is smokey

We are looking at Marigold and Kum Koon garden. It is between Logan and King, we didn't go in to Marigold but we went in to Kum Koon garden. We are looking at the restaurant is in the east. across from Kum Koon garden is the Oriental Market. We parked in Marigold parking lot last time. We went in to our groups, after, we went to Oriental Market and after that we went to Kum Koon garden for lunch.

From the Oriental Market looking east across the street we can see Kum Koon Garden. We are looking from the corner of Logan and King street Kum Koon Garden is a chinese restaurant. Lord Wolseley's Multiage class want to lunch at that restaurant. As we entered Kum Koon garden we saw two tanks of lobsters . Beside the restaurant is Marigold's parking lot. If you look south down King Street you can see the brige.