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The Oriental Market

The following are pictures and descriptions of the Oriental Market

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This is a picture of the Oriental Market. It is like Penners because Penners is a market, too. This is also a picture of the Oriental Market group. They are researching about the Oriental Market. Their names are… Jamie, Laura, Caassandra, Nicholas and Kelly G. The Oriental Market is in Chinatown. Chinatown is in Winnipeg, but Chinatown is in a different area than our part of the city. The Oriental market is where most Chinese people shop. We shopped there, so some Canadian people do, too. The Oriental Market is located on King Street.

Kelly G.

This is me and Laura holding up a Chinese newspaper. The letters are called characters. They are different. I can see Pokemon toys in the picture.


This is a picture of a dragon. It looks like you can put your head in it. It was many beautiful colors. It has pretty materials. The colors were blue and dark red. It was hanging from the ceiling. It was big. It was as long as 2 tables stretched out.


This is a man named Alex. He is Chinese. He works in the Oriental Market. They have lots of flowers in the market. He can speak English and Chinese. They sell candy and Pokemon cards there. There is MILKY which is a Chinese candy. There is also cat candy.

Nicholas & Caassandra

This is a picture of sacks of rice. Rice is very popular in Chinese culture. The rice is packed in big packages. The packages are make out of paper and string and plastic. There is lots of rice because the Chinese people love rice. There is one more thing about rice. One kind of rice is called Kokuho rice and another is brown rice. There are also antique-like dishes. Most of the antiques are priced in cents. Most of the kids in our class bought bowls and spoons from this aisle. All of the antiques have beautiful designs on them. There are fish designs, flower designs and vine designs.